Ableton Live Workshop
'From Zero to Hero'
Ableton live is currently one of the leading softwares used for music production, recording, mixing and mastering.

One of the features that set ableton live apart from the rest of the DAW's (digital audio workstations) was its design, optimized for live performance. this allowed many people to start performing on stage using just a computer.

In this workshop, participants will learn from the very basics up to very specific tricks depending on what their needs / interests are.
I will provide a basic structure to follow but the workshop is going to be quite flexible, dedicating more time to the particular interests of the participants.

About the instructor:
I have been using ableton live since the version 1. (early 2000"s)
Even though currently I develop and use also other softwares and hardware in order to perform live electronic music. Ableton live has always been a reference tool in terms of flexibility, speed, power and more importantly inspiration and fun while using it.


installation, basic setup
Software overview: functions, clip view / session view / audio tracks / midi tracks
Soundcards, audio latency,
midi controllers
integrated audio effects/ instruments
VSt plugins
Drum programming
Audio recording
applying Fx,
sequencing external instruments
Syncronizing with other machines / laptops
creating templates to optimize workflow for production / live performance / Djing / mastering / Video postproduction, etc...