Human-computer interaction workshop
computer vision
Image recognition
From interactive Art installations to all kind of performances involving, audio, video, kinetics, networks and multiple type of computers. Interaction design its a key part in order to achieve further expression and innovation.
In this workshop, students will learn how to incorporate any aspect of the physical world into their ideas / artworks / performances.
through the use of open source software such as puredata and open hardware such as Arduino, students will be able to design and create the technical part of many types of interactive installations and experimental performative setups.

Workshop oriented to artists, experimental musicians, performers, Vj's and Programmers that wish to expand their knowledge and action field beyond the boundaries of an average laptop. No previous experience with puredata is required but it's important to be highly motivated since the workshop it's intense and requires focus and practice.

Unlike other workshops where there is more focus on creating, handling and processing both audio and video. In this workshop, the focus is the link between a physical action and any desired outcome in the computer.

This workshop it's more open and flexible than other workshops I'm offering so it's schedule it's going to be warped depending on the needs, wishes and contributions of the participants.

Workshop structure:

1----: I will show the basics of puredata as well as its history, advantages and online resources

2----: I will show a ready made abstractions that will cut drastically the patching time so we can focus and dedicate more time to the interaction design.

3---: we will patch together different programs that could be useful in the future like a webcam tracking system

4--: we will see different alternative and cheap options for interaction such us wireless joysticks, keypads, midi accesories, smartphones, etc..

5--: we will see how to connect sensors to an Arduino or other microcontroller board and then visualize, filter and use the data received in our software

6----:free "hacking" time where each student can focus on its own interests.
and I will solve the doubts individually and publically when it proceeds..

About the instructor:

Servando Barreiro has been doing different types of works using puredata. From art installations to all kind of interactive performances involving audio, video, electronics, sensors, microcontrollers, 30$ computers, networks, mapping, etc..
He started organizing the puredata user meetings in Berlin, Madrid an Mexico DF and took part into writting an online manual of puredata hosted at Now recognized as one of the best puredata tutorials.
Lately, Servando has been travelling and performing / teaching as a way of sustainable travelling.

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