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My pieces rely on the use and abuse of technology. for one side, I deeply admire study and enjoy technology but also, sometimes the pieces are a call for attention about how the increasing integration of high-technology in our lives drastically changes our way of perceiving and interacting with the reality.

usually in my works, minimal aesthetics meet direct and intuitive functionality, where a human-machine interaction happens in a very natural way.
In most pieces I have done there is a strong claim about adapting the technology in order to obtain what I want. Many times this fact forces me to ¨hack¨ the hardware, since the factory specifications don´t allow me to do what I want the hardware to do.. and in Many cases also, it is more practical and convenient to repurpose technology rather than creating it from the scratch.

I use Open-source software / hardware in all my pieces . This important fact makes my pieces time-proof because I don´t depend on any particular type of operating system or proprietary machine in order to make the installations to run and at the same time all the code I produce is reusable in future pieces. this translates into a much reduced time of programming of a piece and at the same time, it adds an increased level of complexity in every iteration.
Describing What I do its always a tricky task..
My expertise is technology, specially if it's related with electronics, sound and video.
I have done art installations, performances and lots of workshops.
I have created specific audio software tools for renowned artists and I have also modified hardware machines, adding new functionalities to them.
This doesn't mean of course that I work exclusively on this topics..
I'm curious, and always open to try new things and challenges.

I travel a lot and this helps me to know new people, new places, different cultures..
If you need help for your projects, please, get in touch with me.
Here in this videos, you can get an idea about what I have been doing.

get in touch: servandisco/at/