________Serquencer 1.0 intro from the Manual:_______

Serquencer is the product of many hours of tests, two winters in Berlin, writing dozens of patches that were left behind, the reading & understanding of hundreds of other patches from the community, my deep admiration and curiosity for music technology, specially hardware sequencers / synths but also music software, specially those with emphasis in "realtime" creation and oriented to performance, most of all puredata itself, because of it's infinite depth, flexibility, openess, portability, philosophy, community and history too...
It is definitely not the first neither the unique "environment" done in Pd (check "rradical" "pdmtl" "netpd" "diy" "hackthedj" "pdlive", etc...) It's just my particular "compilation" of things. With the simplicity, usability, stability and fun in mind. more good news? you can incorporate anything from the above mentioned in this environment in minutes (if you know a bit about pd...)

Before you can start playing with it, unless you got a ready made application you must download pd-extended from this site: https://puredata.info/downloads/pd-extended Be sure you download pd-extended, not just plain "pd". once you download "pd-extended", just put it into your applications / programs folder and then Serquencer will work when you 2click in the file _serquencer.pd

Serquencer has a modular audio mixer that can have as many channels as you need. There is a master section where you can control the global volume, the global bpm and also record audio to harddisk (by default, the mix of all the channels and the effects) in .wav .
The sequencer modules also can be replicated many times. they have two types of sequencer, one 16 step standard rhythm sequencer and a "table" sequencer that can sequence pitches and that allows to randomize pattern or even " hand-drawn" the sequence. this table can be easily scaled to any length..

The Sampler module allows you to either record external audio or use any samples in .wav in order to be sequenced/ manipulated.
There are effects (two delays, reverb, phaser and pitch-shift) that are automatically connected to the aux sends in the mixer in a similar way that they use to be in a real world mixer.
The mixer also includes bus sendings which allows for experimental & flexible routings.

(more info in the pdf available with the download)
Welcome to Serquencer!, a modular, expandable, free & opensource sequencer / tool / environment made in puredata that requires no-knowledge about graphical programming to make music with it. It's also a great starting point for those who want to start doing audio with puredata.
yes, the largest sequencer in the world it's powered by serquencer :)