puredata Synthesizer workshop:

In this workshop, among other more advanced things, the attendants are going to learn the basic building blocks of classic synthesizers and interconnect between them in a modular fashion.

The first of this series of cloned synths was the beautiful and simple ¨moog werkstatt¨ desktop portable synth, which is an experimental limited edition kit. As it´s name indicates, this is a perfect synth to hack, improve, modify and also to learn about basic ¨clean¨ analogue subtractive synthesis.
This synth it´s simple yet quite powerful and has a very nice sound, It also has many many different possibilities of ¨hacks¨ which I will suggest or explain under request during the workshop.
/ /* click in the orange rectangle or in the picture upper right to go to the page where the puredata clone code is explained and shown*//

*Note: All previously cloned synths are not going to be re-done, so per every workshop, the targeted Synth it's going to be different.. (as well as the challenges..) Though, in longer workshops, we could study finished software clones in order to "improve" its functionality.

Additional possibilities of this workshop are to build a physical interface using an arduino board and / or making a totally stand- alone hardware synth using a raspberry pi model B or greater embedded computer. (Odroid, Udoo, etc..) and a midi interface/Diy interface.
Also we could use any touch OSC enabled tablet/phone to tweak the parameters of the synth, create a collaborative networked performance or use a usb joystick to create a playful sonic controller. Just choose your tools and be ready to oscillate!!.

Workshop structure:

1----: I will show the basics of pd as well as its history, advantages and online resources

2----: I will show a ready made synth and also abstractions / elements we will use most of the time and with most of the synths, as well as some other weird alternatives/ hacks...

3-----: we proceed to analyze/recreate the block diagram of the synth and we just "write" it together slowly in Pd while commenting, asking, suggesting and joking about it..\

3.5--: We will integrate the synth in a ready made environment called "serquencer" (get it in his page now if you want..) where it's possible to sequence the synth, play it using the computer keys, apply effects, use as many instances of the synth as your computer can manage, mix that sound with other sounds, convert a monosynth into a polysynth and also record anything you want to harddisk with awesome quality.

4------:, we can act freely, hack the patches and make them run in a raspberry pi or whatever embedded computer is "in" at that time..(if available)

27-30 October --- Ljubljana, Ljudmila, Minimoog model D
13-15 November-- Bergen, piksel fest, roland SH-101


Bring your laptop & headphones. optionally you can bring also OSC enabled tablet/phones, small Midi controller/s, DIY controllers or even an USB joystick/ wiimote, leapmotion, etc... You could already Downlinstall pd-extended from puredata.info