Apart from composing my own music and writting my own software, I do also Audio postproduction for films, games & sounds for synthesizers and other audio related apps..
My favorite tools for audio creation / manipulation are:
Puredata, Ableton & Axoloti. but I'm familiar with other softwares too. I have been a pro-tools operator for long time and I have a softspot for synths and audio gear.. I also have done Audio related Artist residencies, one at EMS Stockholm and another at Ljudmila Medialab.
I also offer to teach Audio workshops

Samplepack 00000001:
This sounds have been recorded in different times and with different purposes, Now, combined in longer “sample packs” they might be easy to handle / keep track off.

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1 1mpuls3 — Digital percussive samples
2 benjolin — Benjolin it’s an analog substractive “chaotic” DIY synth designed by Rob Hordijk
3 daguswan— wicked Beatboxer + fx : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XUomdQ2bmWw
4 fruzz — DiY, comp/gate / fuzz + no input mixer https://vimeo.com/17415084
5 Laser 1/2/3- Dx-200 Fm sounds, https://soundcloud.com/servando/interestelar-void
6 radar — Field recordings at Teufelsberg (abandoned US spy base.) http://fantomton.de/ft006-radarstation-2/
7 Xio — sounds created with a novation Xio (V.A.)

This “sample packs” have been compiled using the op-1 Drum utility which automatically adds “key mapping” information to the individual sounds and also “restricts” the lenght of the pack to 12 seconds, in order to make it compliant with the op-1 format. Of course, this packs aren’t just limited to be used with that synth.

If you like them & if you make something cool with it, keep me tuned:


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